Celtic Combinations

I have enjoyed the relationship I have had with spiral designing since I was a very young and enthusiastic artist unleashed, let go I suppose. In tandem with my love of spirals, I was focusing on traditional motifs sacred to Ireland.

I produced both elements in my work simultaneously and considered two different styles to be independent of each other and belonging in separate collections.

Often, they were side by side on my workbench and, one day, I liked what I saw when I looked at them together. The work evolved, I went there with the ideas and I loved the way they took shape. I combined the metals as well, sterling silver and gold, to create contrast and, the beauty of these pendants is that they can match up with earrings from either the spiral collection, newgrange, or the traditional collection where its possible to find the very special sacred motifs I mentioned earlier.

As we progress through our creative work space, its undetermined where the suggestions will take us and I love that about my work, totally unpredictable and so, so rewarding. I hope you like the pieces as much as I have enjoyed making them.

8 products

8 products