Celtic origins

I run the risk of being long winded here when I try to describe the Celtic Origins  collection.  Centuries of artistic development have given us the legacy of Celtic design we now enjoy. It is the source of  inspiration  for so much of my work that I am very humbled when I try to discuss the importance of these designs.  

I will briefly mention because of its significance, the very influential La Tène period when Ireland emerged from the Iron age having accomplished a style of Art that would imbue the course and  development of what we now regard as one of the finest body of ancient artistic treasures in civilisation. 

Phew! Thats a big statement but it is probably true. Could we come up with anything as phenomenal in modern culture with all our technology and vastly superior tools, materials, methods, recording devices and infinite knowledge of history over the centuries. Not now and never again, we can be certain.

For me, the most amazing windfall is that I get to use the archive of the centuries to make Jewellery designs from and,  it's there,  gifted to me by those illustrious ancient artists.  There is such a love and appreciation of Celtic designs In every walk of life that my interpretations are appreciated in the most wonderful way that any artist can be rewarded. I have wonderful customers  who choose to purchase from me. It is the ultimate compliment and makes my job one of the most fulfilling imaginable.

This collection contains some of my favourite patterns, shapes, weaves and ornamentations. The beauty of these celtic icons shine in jewellery design and they’re so tangible!  You can wear them close to you and they can represent you in such an appealing way. To give something so old and precious new exposure is truly a privilege that I try to do to the best of my ability.

This is a very typical example of the la Tène style artwork. Very dominant in the illustrations of the Book of Kells, along with the weaves and animal motifs.


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