by Finula Coughlan

This collection has been inspired by the wild and beautiful Assaranca waterfall on the outskirts of Ardara town in South West Donegal. Nothing in nature morphs quite so spectacularly as a water formation like this spectacular waterfall. 

 It can display a serene character on a good day when you can observe the ripples and reflections and listen to the gentle caress of the water flow as it makes its way from the mountainside source to its oceanic destination. On a calm day, It moves, changes shape and reflects colour while remaining steadfast on its path.

On a stormy day, the waterfall can demonstrate a sheer power and force that one seldom encounters so closely in nature. Gone are the gentle reflections, altering shapes and subtle colours, replaced by a FEROCIOUS urgency to follow its path and carry all of its contents to the ocean, satisfying its natural purpose. 

Gone are the gentle trickling and babbling, replaced by a deafening thunder that leaves you breathless.

On a cold day, yet another metamorphosis. Now it's an inanimate object, crafted into a glorious sculpture by mother nature. Frozen in time, still committed to its task but paused.

Ripples, reflections, refracted colours, organic shapes and fluid forms. Beautiful semi-precious stones mimic the natural colours and the reflective qualities of the silver impersonating the flowing water.

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16 products