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You are very welcome to my website, Distinctly Donegal. Here you will see the full range of Celtic jewellery I produce in my Donegal workshop.

My name is Finula Coughlan and through the years, I have been inspired to create Jewellery by Ireland’s varied history which is full of artistic expression and symbolism.

From the ancient carvings in Newgrange to the exquisite Book of Kells.

Myth and legend like the Children of Lir and Irish symbols like the Claddagh, Trinity knot, Shamrock and Harp which are and integral part of Irish identity.I began my artistic journey with a spell studying the craft of metalwork full time in a third level Art college.

Upon graduating, I diversified and gained employment in Sullivan Bluth animation studio in Dublin, helping to produce such animated classics like An American Tale, All Dogs go to Heaven and Thumbelina.

This was a wonderful experience and has proved extremely beneficial to me in my design work. It was an exciting and dynamic place to work and the perfect stepping stone career for a young artist.

Eventually, I set up my own business when I returned to live in my native Donegal and have been designing and making original Celtic Jewellery ever since. It has been a remarkable journey. With each passing year, my range of Jewellery has expanded to include contemporary designs and collections inspired by the landscape that surrounds me, distinctly Donegal.

The path of the creative artist is always evolving and each interesting encounter and experience will filter through into the work.

I have had the privilege of meeting first hand visitors to my workshop in Donegal Town and have been so moved by some of their stories that my Jewellery has developed a significance on an emotional level.

My latest collection which is in production is entirely based on the many tales of Irish immigration I have heard from visitors with Irish roots returning to their ancestral home and seeking the place of their origins.

I will be including some of these stories in a regular blog on the website as well as local stories of the effects of the Great Hunger and immigration on the society of Ireland. I hope it will be interesting and informative and I would also love to hear contributions from people with interesting tales to tell about this subject. The repercussions of this event has effected the lives of Irish people and Irish descendants like no other in our history and I would really like to hear other contributions on the subject.

Thank you for popping along to the website and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or queries about any of the pieces.

Finula Coughlan


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