9ct gold Heavy claddagh brooch with Malachite stone

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This is a 9ct brooch in the traditional claddagh style. In addition to that, the crown of the claddagh has been inspired by the Statue of Liberty crown and I have included this in the design because of the significance that the Statue of Liberty symbolised to the Irish immigrants fleeing poverty and starvation.

The statue was the first sight they saw of the new world after they had survived the horrors of the Irish famine and the coffin ships in which they travelled. They became known as coffin ships because so many people didn't survive the horrendous journey so those that did were extremely emotional at the first glimpse of America and the hope that it stirred up in their hearts. The opportunities that America offered were so abundant that most went on to achieve a comfortable life but never forgot Ireland. 

They instilled such regard for their native land in their families that we now have the phenomenon of Irish America. 40 million people in the US claim Irish heritage and the links between the two nations are unparalleled.  

The overall design is recognition of the power of the Irish identity and the symbols  that defines it, each one, meaningful to the Irish at home or abroad.